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woofwerks leather dog collars and leashes

 Leather Dog Collars and Leashes Hand-Crafted in premium English Bridle Leather


Business Opportunities with Woofwerks

     woofwerks dog collars and leashes

We are determined to make Woofwerks a hallmark of the industry, and have built our company on the old world values of quality, integrity, and service... both to our customers and to our dealers. With the glut of cheap goods streaming in from the Orient, you'll find Woofwerks to be a refreshing change.

Instead of trying to compete with the prevailing bargain basement mentality, we offer an alternative... durable, stylish merchandise that is handcrafted in the US of the finest materials available.

Our typical clients shop for value, not price, because they won't settle for anything but the best for the most important "person" in their lives. That's why all our products are distinctive if not unique, and definitely a cut above our competitors.

So if you are a like-minded businessman and own an upscale doggie boutique, or even a virtual pet supply store, we need to talk... because you know how important it is to have quality products for a clientele who won't settle for anything but the best for the most important "person"in their lives.

Presently, most of our dealers are in the Boston area, but we are expanding rapidly and will consider appointments in any geographic region. Although we obviously want to sell our product, we are more interested in acquiring long term "partners" than we are in selling one shot deals.

So if you are interested in establishing a business relationship with a company that is as dedicated to its dealers as it is to its customers... we need to talk. Just call us at 617-905-1044, or drop us an e-mail.

Jack Wright, President and Founder of Woofwerks

Woofwerks....for the distinguished dog!

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Remind them that we use only the finest English Bridle leather and non-corrosive nickel or brass fittings for our dog collars, leads, and leashes.