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 Leather Dog Collars and Leashes Hand-Crafted in premium English Bridle Leather


WoofWerks Dog Collar Review

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review custom made dog collars for my babies (Bella & Max)Woof Werks is a Boston, MA. based company that provides that manufactures Leather Dog Collars, Leashes & Leads.

woofwerks tucker dog collar 

Woof Werks provided me with three separate collars:

  • The Tucker Collar (pictured above and below on my Schnauzer, Bella) in Tan/Black overlay ($44.95)
  • The Cooper Collar in Burgundy (pictured below on my Chihuahua, Max) (retails for $24.95)

  • The Cooper Collar in Sandblast (retails for $24.95)

I was very excited to receive these collars.  My first amazement was the durable quality they are.  They are heavy, strong and made of fine, quality leather.  The most exciting part for me was that they offered them small enough for my Chihuahua, Max.

chihuahua with woofwerks collar
This little girl picture below is very spry and likes to run run run.  When I put her outside on her lead, she would escape within minutes because of the nylon, snapped-type color I had for her.  I was very frustrated because chasing her is no fun for me, but big-time fun for her :)
black dog with tucker collar

Thanks to Woof Werks and this beautifully crafted leather collar, she no longer gets away.  This color is wonderfully crafted from real leather, very thick and durable and will last Bella a long time.
Thanks to Woof Werks and their finely made collars, my babies are secure and look beautiful in their crafted collars.
These collars are well worth the cost as I believe a finally crafted collar will last much longer and serve as a better fit for dogs.

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