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 Leather Dog Collars and Leashes Hand-Crafted in premium English Bridle Leather

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If you are on our site, we know that you love your dog... and hopefully all other animals as well. Like us, it surely breaks your heart to see shelters overflowing with abandoned pets that have ended up there because of the cruelty of our present economy (which too often forces people to choose between food for their children or their pets), or the cruelty of a heartless owner (who should never have had a loving pet in the first place).

Regardless of the reasons, the result is the same... animals wind up in cages waiting for a loving home, or if time expires, an abrupt end.

There is however a growing movement to create "No Kill Shelters", where pets can wait for that new home witthout threat of their time running out and where compassion has no time limit.

The No Kill Shelter Network is dedicated to this, and actively promotes this new kind of shelter and rescue organization.

So, please... click on their link and learn how you can help save the lives of these desperate pets. Help bring a No Kill Shelter to your area, and watch close up as lives are saved. Please pass this link on to all of your animal loving friends. 

Thank you.  



Real Life Rescue Mission

If you ever needed a reason to support no kill animal shelters, this is it. This adorable puppy was scheduled to be put down at a local animal shelter, but Mary (from Audrey's of Boston, which just happens to be one of our dealers) stepped up to the plate and said "no way". I guess she just couldn't resist those pleading brown eyes.

Anyway... after rescuing the doomed puppy, Mary named her new pet Hennesey. And we are pleased to report that she is now loved, well cared for, and extremely happy living with her new human family in western Massachusetts.

And for you fashion buffs out there... Hennesey is shown here sporting a Simply Red Woofwerks collar and a matching red Polo leash. Definitely a classy duo!

rescued dog wearing red Woofwerks collar 

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