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 Leather Dog Collars and Leashes Hand-Crafted in premium English Bridle Leather


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Woofwerks Leather Dog Collars

puppy wearing red leather dog collar and leash

Choosing a collar for your dog is a bit like picking out an engagement ring. It shows everyone how much you care for, love, and admire your pet. And finding just the right collar can make a real fashion statement when you take your precious one out for a walk. It can make him and you feel like the king of the hill.

But collars also need to be able to stand up to the rigors of a dog's life. That's why all Woofwerk's collars are built tough to take the abuse an active dog is going to give them.

Stylish, durable, comfortable, and economical... a Woofwerks' collar is an investment in your pet. Treated properly our English bridle leather collars will easily last your companion's lifetime, and may even be passed down to the next generation.

If you're not sure which collar will look and perform best on your best friend, call us for a free consultation. Based on your dog's breed, size, coloring, and lifestyle we'll be happy to recommend the perect collar.

Now go shopping, and imagine the possibilities!

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  Woofwerks "Maggie" leather dog collar
  The Maggie
Only $64.95

This impressive collar is an inch and a half wide  with a one inch "D" ring at the back and throat, making it a snap to attach a leash. The "Maggie" is hand-crafted in vegetable tanned English bridle leather and features non-corrosive solid brass studs plus solid cast-metal buckles and "D" rings. It is also lined with garment-grade leather for a nonabrasive and comfortable fit.

Be sure to add a matching leather leash to your order for a fashionably elegant look when you take your dog for his walk. Crafted in the USA.


The Wyatt
Only $54.95

Two layers of 8 oz. vegetable-tanned English bridle leather go into this classically elegant one inch wide collar. The "Wyatt" is fitted with non-corrosive nickel studs and buckle. Choose from "Black on Black" or "Black on Tan" (wheat stitching). "D" rings front and back make it super easy to attach a matching leash.

These collars are lined with garment-grade leather for the nonabrasive comfort of your pet. Crafted in the USA.



The Tucker

Only $44.95

Sophisticated and simple, the clean lines of the "Tucker" are a real stand-out that will grace any dog's neck. Hand-crafted in vegetable tanned English bridle leather, these smart collars are an inch wide with a half inch wide contrasting overlay. They sport a one inch "D" ring at the throat and a half inch "D" ring at back for quick lead attachment.

Like our other fine collars, they are also lined with garment-grade leather to insure the comfort of your pet. And of course they are hand-crafted in the USA.


  the Woofwerks' "Black and Tan" collar
  The Black & Tan
Only $39.95

Our new "Black & Tan" is as classic as the Dublin pint, and like our other premium leather dog collars is fashioned from rich and creamy English Bridle leather. The golden London Tan face is backed by a soft black leather lining, both for extra comfort and a very distinctive look. The contrasting black stitching and black keeper (the leather loop that holds the excess collar in place) provide a beautiful and subtle contrast that will make your dog a stand-out in the field or in the city. Solid brass fittings add to its elegance.

  Woofwerks "Aztec" leather dog collar 
The Aztec
Only $54.95

Influenced by the beautiful Southwest with its engraved buckle, black inlay and stunning turquoise stone rivets.Our new Aztec’s combination of elegance and ruggedness will definitely separate your favorite pooch from the pack!

The Rio Grande
Only $49.95

Woofwerks rides into the Western sunset with its new Rio Grande Collar. Let your best pal chase a herd of squirrels in the park or roundup a flock of seagulls at the beach. Whatever the chase they’ll do it in Western style. Adorned with a Jeremiah Watt engraved buckle with black painted inlay and surrounded by Texas conchos with 14k gold plated stars on English bridle leather. Just like the West - beautiful and rugged.
Midnight Black

  The Hunter... red and black
Only $39.95

The Hunter collar updated with stylish flare -1/2 red with a black stitch and 1/2 black with a red stitch. Stainless steel hardware on the “O”ring and buckle. Time to head for the woods, but just bring the binoculars!

   Woofwerks' "Hunter" black and tan dog collar
  The Hunter... black and tan
Only $39.95

The Hunter in 1/2 Black with wheat stitch and 1/2 London Tan with black stitch. Solid brass buckle and “O” ring.

  Woofwerks' "Simply Red II" dog collar
  Simply Red
Only $39.95

Subtle but striking! This is our version of the basic dog collar, but executed with flair and style in vegetable-dyed, English bridle leather.  The stunning red leather face is set off with contrasting wheat stitching, and the unique look of this collar is complimented by a soft black leather lining for extra comfort.

A rugged beauty, the "Red" is made to last and will withstand all the action-filled days of your best pal's life. This one inch wide collar comes fitted with non-corrosive nickel hardware and is of course hand-crafted in the USA.

  black leather dog collar
The Black Tie
Only $39.95

The "Black Tie" is a must-have collar for all of Fido's formal affairs, but it's also tough enough for him to mix it up with the pack or even hunt in the wild. It's crafted of the finest vegetable-dyed, English bridle leather and fittted with a brilliant non-corrosive nickel buckle and "D" ring.

Whether your dog's a chow-hound or the next Rambo, this one inch wide collar's a definite attitude builder. And once again, it's hand-crafted right here in the US of A.

measuring a dog's neck for a collar

The Woofwerks Collection of fine English bridle leather collars features old-world craftsmansstylish coupled with a unique contemporary flair, just what your distinguished pet needs to stand out from the pack. Our collars and leashes are designed to fit virtually any breed or size dog.

NOTE: Measuring your dog's neck correctly is important, and will help ensure a comfortable fit. Using a cloth measuring tape, take your measurement at the green line in the adjacent picture (right at the center of his neck). Pull the tape snugly, but not tight enough to choke your dog. There shouldn't be any room between the measuring tape and his neck. The common mistake of putting two fingers under the collar causes too loose a fit, and may cause chafing. For thick coated dogs, pull the tape through his coat and down to his neck.

Remember that you are not measuring for the fit of the collar, we'll handle that on our end. We just need to know your dog's actual neck size.


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