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woofwerks leather dog collars and leashes

 Leather Dog Collars and Leashes Hand-Crafted in premium English Bridle Leather


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Woofwerks Leather and Nylon Dog Collars and Leashes

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Any woman can tell you one pair of shoes or one pretty dress just isn't enough. It's the same with a dog collar. Sometimes you just need something a little different for your little prince or princess. That's why we've made our line of Cooper collars so affordable and so elegantly stylish. Pick one for your mood or occasion, whether its going to be for a fun romp in the park or a special time to show-off in a parade down Fifth Avenue.

Strong but lightweight, the Cooper collection of leather and nylon dog collars really stands out in any doggie activity, and  fills the bill when an all-leather collar may be a bit much. Coopers come in four colors, and with color-matched leashes, they make a bow-wow-wow of a fashion statement.

Now go shopping, and imagine the possibilities!

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  The Cooper... our most popular collar
Only $27.50

The "Cooper" is unmatched for value and style. Created from an elegant blend of leather and nylon, it's built to withstand all the rigors of a dog's active day. The darkened antique leather overlay is stitched to a super-rugged nylon base that is boxed stitched at all stress points. Its signature brass rivets match its rust proof solid brass buckle and "D" rings.

Attaching a Cooper leash is a piece of cake, with "D" rings both in the front and rear of the collar. The "Cooper" is available in 3/4" and 1" widths, and like all of our other collars... it is hand-crafted in the USA.

Cooper Leashes

"Cooper Leashes" are color coordinated to match our line of "Cooper Collars". Made with the same unique blend of nylon and darkened antique leather, these stylish leads are strong enough to take a 90 pound pull. And their brass hardware won't tarnish or rust, even in the worst weather.

Stylish and durable, "Cooper Leashes" come in six foot lengths to accommodate both big and small dogs. And, yes... these are made in the US too.

how to measure a dog's neck for a collar

NOTE: Our collars and leashes are designed to fit virtually any breed or size dog. But measuring your dog's neck correctly is important, and will help ensure a comfortable fit. Using a cloth measuring tape, take your measurement at the green line in the adjacent picture (right at the center of his neck). Pull the tape snugly, but not tight enough to choke your dog. There shouldn't be any room between the measuring tape and his neck. The common mistake of putting two fingers under the collar causes too loose a fit, and may cause chafing. For thick coated dogs, pull the tape through his coat and down to his neck.

Remember that you are not measuring for the fit of the collar, we'll handle that on our end. We just need to know your dog's actual neck size.


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